I graduated from Florida State University and moved to Arlington, Virginia to continue my education at George Mason University. After completing my graduate studies as a Mercatus Center MA Fellow at George Mason, I moved to the midwest to pursue my new career!

Currently, I am the Program Manager at the Institute for Economic Inquiry at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. I help coordinate events, assist in reading groups and the overall development of our student and faculty programs. I also am an instructor of economics at the Heider College of Business. 

My passion for economics has put me on a mission to communicate complex ideas in a manner understandable to the uninterested (and the disinterested) citizen. Understanding economics can help increase the level of decision-making and quality of life we all strive to attain. Additionally, by illuminating the economic way of thinking, I can more clearly explain the reasoning behind the constant fight for individual liberty.

As a second-gen Cuban, the ideas of liberty have resonated profoundly with me and the study of economics allows me to use logic and empirical analysis to argue for these ideas. I hope to one day be able to teach economics to younger students in the same way that led me to have such a life-changing experience. 

​I am a health and fitness fanatic. I regularly engage in fitness activities such as running, biking, sports, and gym workouts! I love to do Bootcamp-type workouts in group settings. Click here for online workout programs!